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Social Media Policy of OFM Dallas, Texas

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Social Media Policy Omega Fire Ministries International Throne of Grace, City of Fire Dallas, Texas, USA.

Omega Fire Ministries International Throne of Grace, Dallas, Texas (OFMDALLAS or #ofmdallas) uses Social Media channels to increase their exposure to the online community.

It is important to note that the information contained in this document is subject to change at any time. It is advisable to check the document periodically for any updates or changes.

Purpose of Our Social Media Policy

To provide a set of regulations for persons related to OFMDALLAS to adhere to when they are using Social Media channels for them to be sure that their online behavior complies with church policies and procedures, applicable rules and laws.

For media and sales persons, these rules are not intended to control the manner or means by which you spread the gospel. Participation on OFMDALLAS’s social media sites is voluntary and is intended to be used as a forum to allow you to discuss issues relevant to persons propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, we expect you will be responsible in your use of these materials.

Note: Other than those employees who are in charge of OFMDALLAS’s social media presence, it is not a requirement of any employee’s job to post or respond to items relating to OFMDALLAS on any social media site.

For employees that affect the interests of OFMDALLAS, both inside and outside of work, failure to comply with these standards puts the future participation of an employee at risk, and, in some cases, may lead to disciplinary actions.

To provide general guidelines for Independent Contractors and Employees and Volunteers to refer to when participating in OFMDALLAS’s Social Media channels to engage with OFMDALLAS’s online audience. These guidelines are intended to provide recommendations that Independent Contractors and Employees and Volunteers may evaluate when choosing a course of action while participating in Social Media channels.

Goals of OFMDALLAS’s Participation in Social Media

  • To provide a venue for online interaction between OFMDALLAS, local media and sales organizations, current media and sales professionals, and potential media and sales professionals.
  • To communicate the culture and successes of OFMDALLAS to the online community, and to provide insight into the lifestyle and day-to-day activities of media and sales professionals who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Policy Regulations

Any person positing on OFMDALLAS sponsored sites must comply with the following:

  • As a faith-based Christian organization, OFMDALLAS operates in a highly regulated industry. There are volumes of laws that exist, governing the way that OFMDALLAS must conduct business.
  • You must identify your affiliation with OFMDALLAS as an Employee or a media and sales professional while discussing OFMDALLAS or any industry-related topics.
  • Content posted on any site, other than those affiliated with OFMDALLAS, that relates to OFMDALLAS or any industry-related topics must include the following disclaimer:
  • “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of Omega Fire Ministries International.”
  • Do not commit OFMDALLAS, any local media and sales organization, or any Independent Contractor authorized to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to any course of action unless you have the authority to do so. Generally, social media sites are not the proper place to make such commitments.
  • While you might be requested to provide an employment reference for a current or former employee, all requests for reference must be forwarded to the Resident Pastor first.
  • Do not post about any confidential information, including OFMDALLAS’s financial performance, member or claims information, media and sales materials or proprietary information. If you have any questions concerning whether a post is proper, please err on the side of not posting that information until you have confirmed with the Resident Pastor that it is a proper subject to discuss.
  • Do not post about, respond to, or comment about any legal matters, regulatory issues, litigation, or any parties with whom OFMDALLAS is involved in such matters.
  • Do not post or engage in discussions about OFMDALLAS’s other organizations.
  • Any content posted on a social media site on behalf of OFMDALLAS will be subject to moderation. Moderation is the act of reviewing and approving content before it is published on a website.
  • OFMDALLAS strives to maintain a balanced online dialogue. All positive and negative User Generated Content (UGC) will be addressed and kept on the site, as long as it is relevant and contextual, and does not otherwise violate the regulations listed below.

OFMDALLAS reserves the right to ignore and remove any UGC that reflects negatively on any person, including the Omega Fire Ministries International Throne of Grace or Omega Fire Ministries International (OFM), local media and sales organizations, media and sales professionals, members or office employees. Such content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Illegal
  • Threatening
  • Offensive
  • Defamatory
  • Denigrating
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Infringing on Intellectual Property Rights, or

In violation of any other regulations as outlined in this policy.

It is the responsibility of the Coordinator of Media Activities to identify and report on any negative UGC and to make a recommendation to the Resident Pastor as to the appropriate course of action regarding the post in question. It is the responsibility of the Resident Pastor to give final approval or make changes to the Coordinator of Media Activities recommendation.

Independent Contractors and Employees and Volunteers should not expect privacy in their personal social media accounts when those accounts are accessed through church computers. In addition, any information an employee chooses to post on any publicly available social media site (not only those sites affiliated with OFMDALLAS) can be viewed by OFMDALLAS and church officials, regardless of whether or not the post was made on a church computer, and appropriate action may be taken for violations of church rules and procedures.

Independent Contractors and Employees and Volunteers should refrain from visiting Social Media sites during the workday, but may use church computers to access these sites before or after work hours, during lunch periods, and on approved breaks.

Usage Guidelines

  • Protect OFMDALLAS’s reputation. By identifying yourself as an employee of OFMDALLAS, or as an Independent Contractor spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, you identify yourself as a representative of OFMDALLAS. As such, your online activity can affect others’ perceptions of the church. It is therefore important to maintain a positive attitude in your posts. Focus on communicating OFMDALLAS’s strengths and sharing why OFMDALLAS provides a great opportunity for success.
  • Protect your own reputation. You are solely responsible for the content you post on OFMDALLAS’s social media channels and for any other online behavior. You are encouraged to participate in OFMDALLAS’s online community, but you are also urged to act responsibly and in a way that reflects positively on you as an individual.
  • Be respectful at all times. It is important to acknowledge that not everyone will agree on every topic of discussion posted on OFMDALLAS’s social media sites. When disagreements occur, it is important to keep your cool. Focus on expressing your points in a professional and polite manner, so as not to become antagonistic. Do not respond when you are emotional or upset. Often times, the best approach is to ignore a comment, thereby refusing to give it credibility by acknowledging it with a response. Please bring any objectionable material to the attention of the Church immediately. Trust that any inappropriate UGC will be removed or addressed by OFMDALLAS; it is not your responsibility to respond to such content.
  • Avoid speaking negatively about other organizations. OFMDALLAS’s social media efforts are geared towards focusing on the great things about OFMDALLAS. Posts that focus on other organizations draw attention away from discussion about OFMDALLAS’s strengths.
  • Be transparent. Use your real name, identify yourself as an OFMDALLAS Employee or Independent Contractor or Volunteer spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and be clear about your role.
  • Be judicious about what information you share. Information you post about yourself and about OFMDALLAS is widely accessible and will be able to be viewed online for a very long time. You should never post hastily without pausing to consider the ramifications. Sharing too much information about yourself on various sites gives others the opportunity to impersonate you. As a general matter, it is never appropriate to share information about a member or the member’s health matters, a pending claim, or a dispute with a member or within the Church.
  • You should also be wary of e-mails that don’t come from a friend or trusted source, even if they appear to be from someone you know. Avoid clicking on links in or downloading attachments from those e-mails unless you can confirm the source.
  • Be mindful of the indefinite life of internet postings. It is almost impossible to completely remove information from the web, even if you remove or delete the original post, because you never know where it has been reposted.
  • Do not create any websites, or online/email accounts on behalf of OFMDALLAS. The only official OFMDALLAS social media accounts, websites or email accounts are those that have been created by the church. Additional accounts created by others generate confusion and can take away from OFMDALLAS’s goal of building a strong online community. OFMDALLAS will ask any individuals who have created such websites or accounts to discontinue their use and to post a message for a period of 10 days directing all fans to the official OFMDALLAS social media account. After that 10-day period, OFMDALLAS will direct that the false account be shut down permanently.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Notify the Resident Pastor or OFM President if you ever find yourself in a situation in which you are not comfortable, or unsure how to proceed.

Omega Fire Ministries International Throne of Grace, City of Fire Dallas, Texas, USA.

12 July 2017