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Welcome to Throne of Grace Bible Study Home Page

Thank you for visiting our Bible Study Homepage.
Our intention is to encourage the study of God's word - the Bible which is very likely the reason that you found us. We pray that God will bless each one who visits this page.

Omega Fire Ministries believes firmly in every word of the Bible as scripture inspired by God and delivered to men for their upliftment. Hence, our founders and leaders encourage the teaching and receiving of the scriptures according to the injunction in Acts 17:11. In other words, make the effort to find out, believe the teaching after you find it to be true reflection the mind of God taught by His servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman and his followers.
mandate of apostle johnson suleman

We are developing a curriculum that helps students learn the big picture of the Bible stories; background details associated with the scripture, and most importantly, how to apply the knowledge of the Bible daily Christian living.

We do not plan to run an extensive online curriculum. We encourage participants to join us physically to discuss the chosen topics. We plan to publish our schedule for those who may wish to visit us for more detailed discussion of particular subject matter(s). Occasionally, we run our services live on the Internet and information will commonly be available to subscribers to logon to the service.

There will be resources made available to all guests and the public. However, members are expected to login for them to access course materials.

Thank you and God bless you with supernatural encounters as you support the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Collins Aifuwa

Throne of Grace, City of Fire
Omega Ministries International
Dallas, Texas.


Bible Study Class

Our Bible Study classes hold every Wednesday at 7PM in our church auditorium.


Lesson 1 - Restitution