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Omega Teens Institute

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Omega Teens Institute is purpose driven and one of our goals is to help teens discover kingdom principles and develop kingdom lifestyle to reflect God’s nature and character. It is a platform to stimulate and empower teens to actualize their utmost potential in God and to fulfill the maximum capacity of their leadership ability in the various fields of life and calling.

In OTI, there is among others a disciple making or educational process called leadership development program which is a medium for actualizing the vision of the institute. Our curriculum in OTI is broken down to four segments which includes;

-Bringing them in as kingdom citizens,

-Building them up as undefiled teenagers,

-Training and raising them as kingdom ambassadors.

-sending them forth for global transformation.

OUR MISSION…raising the foundation of many generation through capacity building and character development isaiah58:12.

“…lift up the standard for the peoples” Isaiah 62:10

Since our ultimate goal is to raise solid foundation for the next generation of leaders there are core values which serves a standard and guiding principle for measuring the efficiency of our mission… capacity building and character development which are spelt out in the acronym.


L:LOVE Mark 12:30, proverbs 8:17

E: Empowerment Dan 11:32

A: Accountability acts 1:8,luke24:49

D: Diligence 2peter1:10, proverb22:29

E: excellence Dan 2:13

R: righteousness psalm 45:7, proverb 14:34

S: stability Isaiah 33:6