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Men's Fellowship

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The collapse and the degradation in our society today is obviously as a result of shattered homes. The gradual erosion of values in the world is a direct reflection of the homes we've got today. Many homes today are without control, lack structure, and are without any sense of direction because the man provides no godly leadership.

The breakdown in our homes today is primarily because of the weak fathers we have in this generation. Most men we have today are without the spiritual and the moral capacity to drive a model home that would transform our world for good, and take the world to the new frontier of glory, glamour and greatness.

There is therefore an urgent need for a constructive intervention from heaven and God has sent His choice servant Apostle Johnson Suleman to bridge the gap via the initiation of the Omega Fire Ministries International Men's Fellowship.

Our world is in dire need of a new generation of men who will not shift their responsibilities to their wives, men who will be fathers and not just Daddies, men who will raise godly children, men who will provide real leadership in our homes as spiritual authorities and representatives of God on planet earth.

If you are a man; young or old and you earnestly share this passion, we encourage you to join this caravan of world changers in the Men's Fellowship of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide.