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Fire For Grace

Pastor Tony hosts Fire For GraceFire For Grace - Omega Fire Ministries, Dallas, Texas

Host: Pastor Tony

 Fire For Grace is hosted by Pastor Tony at Throne of Grace, City of Fire. Throne of Grace is the Dallas, Texas branch of Omega Fire Ministries. The pastor-in-charge is Pastor Collins Aifuwa who promotes this opportunity for men and women to efface the challenges of this world with effective prayers. Theses prayers sessions continue to attract congregants from far and near. The popularity of the prayer sessions is instrumental in this blog attempt to satisfy the demands for access to the provoking and inspiring prayer points.

Men understand the satanic manipulations and how to take charge of thier destinies and live the fullness of life ordained for them by God.

Feel free to download them and enjoy them in your car, at home and at work as you liberate yourself from the satanic tricks.

Prayer Series

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Celebration Prayer - 27 September 2017

Celebration Prayer - 8 October 2017

Celebration Prayer - 15 October 2017

Celebration Prayer - 22 October 2017