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Strong Wind of Change

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Week of Impactful Christianity with The Enforcer of Spiritual Laws: Rev. Fidelis Ayemoba

Rev. Fidelis Ayemoba arrived in Los Angeles, California June 2017 on the entourage of Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman for the Help From Above outreach program of the Omega Fire Ministries. Rev. Ayemoba pastors his own congregation in Lagos, Nigeria, and he is also the Coordinator for the North America parishes of the Omega Fire Ministries International as a Senior Pastor of the church. This put him right in the core of the operations. Further, he was in Dallas, Texas as an extension of the June operation of the Help From Above program giving one the opportunity to get close to him.

From Los Angeles To Dallas

When asked about his reaction to the healing of the 7-year old paralytic who had been wheelchair-bound since birth during the Los Angeles, California revival of Help From Above held in June 2017, Rev. Fidelis Ayemoba simply observed that it was shocking. He explained that all miracles must have their element of surprise and the unexpected; nothing can be assumed because it is by grace, and not a science.

He says that the overall outcome of it all remains the most rewarding part. Rev. Ayemoba confirmed that The Omega Fire Ministries spend millions of dollars every week organizing revival meetings all over the world. That the church spends at least two days in every continent of the world each month on these evangelistic crusades that supports missionaries on the ground. This move of the Holy Spirit is in obedience to God instruction by the leader Apostle Johnson Suleman that drives the unbelievable establishment of one of the fastest growing Christian assemblies in the world today.

From the remote village of Auchi in Nigeria, the Omega Fire Ministries charged with reversing satanic oppression and depression continues to transform lives and reconcile people to Jesus Christ is remarkable, even to the church leadership. Furthermore, how easily the money comes to catalyze this move of the Holy Ghost confounds the leadership of the church.

Therefore, miracles are always great, never taken for granted, and always celebrated. It takes the grace of God that backs our obedience to the word of God. However, what is more challenging is the baby-like vulnerability of our father in the Lord, Apostle Johnson Suleman when he sees the response of people to the altar call. That humbles him, and gives you an insight into this man of great spiritual strength. To the Apostle, this is the true value and reward for all the millions. Such responses push him to spend the more. It is the reconciliation of souls back to Jesus Christ that drives him. A single soul saved justifies the expense for Apostle Johnson Suleman.

This is the true take-away from our meetings, and it was the same experience in Dallas, Texas. Those who witnessed the three-day revival testify that promise met performance on the altar of prophecy. It was an explosion of power as the wind of change blew through Dallas in the weekend of June 23-25, 2017. Not only were souls saved, young people dedicated themselves to serving God because of the touch of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Singles Are Gathering – What Have You Done

There were several meetings during the three-day revival in Dallas, Texas. However, the singles meeting created a sharing opportunity, and one to teach. The topic of challenge for the youth was ‘What Have You Done’ by Rev. Ayemoba. The self-styled enforcer of spiritual laws took the group through the practical challenges of securing their future partner through their own personal efforts. He explained that ‘Do’ is the operative word for the meeting. He was emphatic that grace through the blood of Jesus Christ was the right of every Christian, yet, you must be a Christian to activate that grace. He also taught the grace is a catalyst for greatness, multiplication and miracles but it does not abrogate the ‘Do’ aspect. The ‘Do’ part has to be present to activate the rightful privileges of grace.

Therefore, it is part of the ‘Do’ part to be born again in order not to suffer again. He used the conception of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost and confirmation of prophecy by Simeon and Anna to illustrate the Christian life. This is because a Christian life is a prayerful life of promise that activates prophecy which in turn leads to fulfilment. He traced motherhood of Mary as a chosen vessel of honor because of what she did in in consecrating herself to God, while being loyal to Joseph, even up unto the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The audience was spell bound by the depth of spiritual exposition. Rev. Ayemoba affirmed that work is a biblical necessity for good life. Since, lazy people have already condemned themselves to a life of poverty; it is right for singles to check carefully and not be deceived about the potentials of their spouses. They need not be deceived by any promises of potential spirituality but to diligently uncover truth to escape deception and abuse.

Everyone, ladies or gentlemen should dress well, not with an agenda to provoke wrong emotions. He contended that an agenda to provoke may as well provoke deception and horrible disappointment that should not be blamed on church authorities. The case of Job was used to emphasize that Satan also attends church regularly. He has no other business than to deceive, find excuses to accuse Christians and to introduce doubts in the minds of Christians. The prophecy and prayer session of the meeting ended with some ladies receiving prophecy and spiritual illumination for their rightful partners.

More than Wheelchair Jumping - The Strong Wind of Change

The activation of fulfilment was not only for former wheelchair bound victims abandoning their wheelchairs for freedom, or brides collecting their prophetic wedding gowns, it was a whole gamut of Holy Ghost manifestations including altars of wickedness being pinpointed and destroyed. Inherited bondages were broken as worshippers were located for Holy Ghost sanctification of their relocation to new addresses and prosperity. There were calls answered to priesthood for Jesus Christ. It ended on a mind-blowing activation of a strong wind of change to be talked about for months in Dallas as deliverance from demonic oppression and confession climaxed the service on Sunday, June 25th, 2017. This was an opportunity for anyone to come face to face with the physical evidence of the power of the Holy Ghost in confirmation of the heritage that Jesus Christ left for Christians.

Pastor John