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Of Poverty, Pastors and Their People - Part 3

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This is the concluding part of the article - Of Poverty, Pastors and Their People

Purpose of Christian Business and Wealth

TD Jakes is a Grammy Award winning MusicianIt will be irresponsible to call God a liar. The inspiration to prosperity has no limitation to status or extent (3 John 1:2). Will there be fakes and bad eggs, no doubt, yes. However, fakes are only of value when genuine items exist. A true Christian will be schooled on the meaning and implications of 2 Timothy 3. While, that cannot be denied, the right of Christians including their leaders, specifically pastors and prophets to prosperity should not be negotiable either. In fact, prophets and pastors just like any other Christian is charged with the responsibility of providing for their families, and the scriptures strongly decry a Christian that does not provide for his family (1 Timothy 5:8). If he has a small congregation, even all the tithes may not be sufficient to care for his household. If he must work or engage himself in a business venture and God prospers him, I believe that is a blessing to the gospel and without reason to decry him.

Clearly, the injunction of Jesus Christ that the disciples need not overburden themselves with any supplies as they go out to preach the gospel confirms that their faith should take them to people with prepared hearts ready to support the gospel with their wealth by supporting the evangelists. They will not only provide accommodation and feeding they will buy microphones and pay for the licenses to preach openly as well. That Peter was a fisherman did not mean that he was poor. His home became the headquarters of the activities of Jesus in Capernaum. A house big enough to serve as a meeting venue must be of some fair size, safe and welcoming.

ThApostle Johnson Suleman born into wealth and maintains itat many Christians observe the humble calling of their faith and shy away from ostentation does not mean that they are poor. A prophet that travels round the whole world at least once a month deserves his own airstrip and a retinue of jets. Whether these are acquired by gifting or church vote does not matter, particularly if the aim is to promote the gospel as a primary responsibility of the church and the pastor. I understand that it is fashionable to stain other pastors when scandalous criminal practices of some robed men are uncovered, yet, it does not mean that every prophet riding a jet is a thief. To suggest that these are unemployed criminal masters of deception is equally dangerous for the proponent and their supporters. There is a popular scripture that forewarns anyone from trying to harm men of God (1 Chronicles 16:22). Therefore, one may unsuspecting run against God as they join willingly or not in a vendetta against certain categories of pastors or prophets. There may be no way of knowing the whole without invading personal spaces. This is delicate for bystanders as their trusts wane and even begin to doubt the existence of God. When God loses a child, there is always a serious penalty to pay. He is more concerned about our reconciliation to him than the catalogue of our sins before Him (Luke 15:11-32).

There is no antecedent that condemns prophets or pastor to poverty. To the contrary the scriptures denounces people who are lazy or slothful in business. That Christian leaders exemplify the concern of reconciliation of people to God, and their restoration to prosperity by dedicating all their energies toward this cause should not be considered as an endorsement of poverty for prophecy.

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Pastor John is the author of The Player: Target – The Executive Suite and Director of Media Services for Omega Fire Ministries, Dallas, Texas.