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Useless Without Fire

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Useless Without Fire

Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire (Psalm 104:4)

christian challengeI tried many methods to search for a more appropriate title for this blog. However, as much as I tried not to use the words ‘Useless Without Fire’ I found that nothing else fits the message burning inside of me. The title originally belongs to a very powerful man of God who continues to inspire me. If we were living in the same area, I would have begged him to mentor me. Rev. Fidelis Ayemogba used these words to title one of his books. From the day that I set my eyes on that book and read it, I have not been able to shake these words away from my brain. It haunts my spirit. The book is a powerful exposition of what the Holy Spirit does today and how God uses the Holy Spirit to order the steps of men who submit to its inspiration.

Of course, we will refer to portions of this book and many other writings of this great man who has influenced me so much. However, that is not the purpose of this blog. This blog will engage in much simpler conversation with young men and women on how to interpret and manage modern events to fulfill wonderful destines and enjoy the world without getting lost in it or more importantly lose the promise of paradise given through the grace of salvation.

Welcome to Useless Without Fire – a blog of Omega Fire Ministries, City of Fire and the Throne of Grace, Dallas, Texas.

Pastor John

Pastor John is an ordained minister of the gospel, an Omega child and Coordinator of Media Services for Omega Fire Ministries, Throne of Grace, City of Fire, Dallas, Texas.

Footnote: Rev. Fidelis Ayemoba is Senior Pastor, Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, and Coordinator of Omega Fire Ministries International, North America. He is the Pastor-in-charge of Omega Fire Ministries, Lagos Island, Nigeria.