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Uploading your articles

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Uploading your articles

Our software requires that you work in this basic sequence or else you will not get results. To publish an article, the sequence is:

  1. Create the Category which is another name for the administrator’s folder,
  2. Create the Article and save it in the Category, and
  3. Load it into a Menu item for the public to see it.

For advanced users such as Editors, Publishers, Managers and other Senior Administrators you will have 2 different ways to access the website. One is through the front-end like every guest or registered member, and the other is through the back-end for Administrators.

To work efficiently and to properly save your work on the church’s servers it is best for advanced users to do their work through the back-end. Do not worry; you cannot break anything that cannot be repaired. To login to the back-end go to

The interface is totally different, but safer. Enter your username and password to login.

You have access only to files that the webmaster has given you permission to work on. You may see many other files and folders, but you may not be able to open or save them if you do not have the proper permission to do so. Once again, you cannot break anything that cannot be repaired.

To publish an article. You must do 2 things:

  1. Create a category (folder) for articles that are similar.

2, if the article contains images (photos, charts, other types of graphics), it is important to upload, and save these images in the images folder on our servers before using them in your article.

To upload and save an image, click the ‘Content’ menu, then click the ‘Images’ button.

Create a new folder for your images. Give the folder a name that you can easily recognize. Save and close it.

Click into your folder. Click the green ‘New’ button, and then click ‘Upload’ to upload your new image (s). You may upload many images at a time, the total size cannot be more than 10MB.

Go back to ‘Content’ menu, click ‘Categories’, click the green ‘New’ button to create a Category for the article(s), Give the category a name/title, click Save and Close.

Now the new article can be uploaded. Go back to ‘Content’ menu, click ‘Article’, and click the green ‘New’ button to create a new Article.

Give the article a name/title. NEVER edit the ‘Alias’ box.

Upload the pre-formatted WORD document by copy and paste method. It is a good practice to have formatted the article with all the relevant header (h1, h2, h3 and so on) levels before copying onto the server. Save your work regularly but do not close yet.

To the right side of the article content box are other dialogue boxes to be completed. Locate your pre-assigned category in the drop-down menu and select it. You will not be able to process your article without it. Also click the ‘Publish’ button. If you have the proper administrator  privileges, this button will turn green. If not, leave it alone. You may want to limit access to certain categories of users, click that in the ‘Access’ button. Don’t forget to Save but not close.

Click the green ‘Publishing’ tab at the top of the article content box.

Do not worry about the boxes on the left. On the new page, enter the relevant information for the Meta Description, Meta Keywords and the author at the least in the boxes on the right. The description is your 20-words or less summary of the article. The keywords are 5-10 short words, summary or abbreviations that people can use to for online searches to quickly reach your article. Type in your name and/or official position for author.

If there is an external reference such as a book or report that forms the basis of the article, copy the link to the original publication in the ‘External Reference’ box. If search engines cannot find any similarity to your article, your article will lose credibility.

If other people or publication hold rights to significant parts of your article, please indicate so in the Contents Rights box. Otherwise, leave the box alone.

Click 'Save and Close' to publish your article.