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Basic Requirements for Articles

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  1. Should be a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 650 words. A 450 word article is the ideal respected by search engines.
  2. Every 100 words should have at least items, a) a website reference link, b) an image (without copyright infringement) and 3) a sub-head/title (h2 or h3).

Website references add a lot of authority to your writing and recognition by search engines. Take this reference seriously. Search engines rate them by classifications such as, references from:

.gov websites, universities, libraries, and research centers

Google websites and YouTube

Books, websites from reputable organizations such as national geographic, Reuters, CNN and so on

Others but please, no Wikis. Avoid wikis because they weaken your article.


Commonly jpg, png and similar formats

One dimension should 250 or 350 pixels. It does not matter if this is the width or the height, but one dimension should be in this range.

They must have a description or ‘alt’ text to help the visually impaired people coming to our website. Search engines actively look for this.

It will be great if you can give it a caption, title or description. So long as it describes what we are looking at, length does not matter. In fact, the longer the more respectable.

Headings and Titles

It is best to complete this part of the formatting in the word processing program before copying and pasting to the Body section of the editor.

Title – short form of the full heading. Best if not more than 65 characters including spaces. Search engines must consider this title relevant to content of the full article itself.

Heading – full title of the article, no limits. But format as Heading level 1 in your word processor.

Sub-title – if you have a sub-title, commonly required for press releases, format this as Heading Level 2

Sub-headings – for about every 100 words please have a sub-header and format as Heading Level 3 or Heading Level 2, if you do not have a Level 2 yet.

The article should have a summary 15 - 30 words long. The best is 20 words. It is great if it is coded in search-engine friendly words (meta description), that is, words that people will commonly use on the internet to search for articles similar to yours.

The article should also have a list of keywords. These are words and phrases that people will likely use to when looking for articles similar to your online. Keywords that are phrases of 3-5 words are better than single words. Search engines count each phrase as a single keyword. There is no real restriction here but 5 Keywords are about the minimum for a 450-word article.

For more help – contact the webmaster.